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  • In Clinic Services
    Advanced Dentistry Prepurchase Exams Hospitalization Lameness Exams Endoscopy Surgery Podiatry
  • Surgery
    Wound Repair Neurectomies Dental / Sinus Surgeries Reproductive Surgeries Hoof Surgeries Cryptorchidectomies Castrations - Standing and Recumbent
  • Wellness Plan
    Our prepaid wellness plan is available for purchase in January and February. The plan consists of a wellness exam, basic vaccinations, a routine dental service with sedation, and 2 fecal exams. Patients enrolled also receive a discount on additional services throughout the calendar year.
  • Diagnostics and Laboratory
    Digital Radiograph Digital Ultrasound In House Laboratory Endoscopy Fecal analysis Coggins Tests
  • Emergency Services
    Equine Medical extends after hours emergency care to clients in good standing.


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